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Solved Suppose a client has received an IP address from the

 In Router Setup

Additional steps are required to troubleshoot the DHCP/BootP Relay Agent, as well as the DHCP server and client. If you track these modules, you can determine which device causes the issues. The next table illustrates the process for a DHCP client to obtain an IP address from a DHCP server. This table is modeled after the previousConfigure DHCP/BootP Relay Agent Feature network diagram.

  • A combination of the MAC Address Control
    options may be used to guide clients from the same manufacturer into a specific
    pool, such as VoIP phones.
  • It’s a box containing hard drives and it’s attached to your network by a regular Ethernet cable.
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  • If a DHCP
    client tries to get an IP address, but none are available,
    but there are abandoned IP addresses, then the DHCP server
    will attempt to reclaim an abandoned IP address.
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leasequery flag tells the DHCP server whether or not
to answer DHCPLEASEQUERY packets. The answer to a
DHCPLEASEQUERY packet includes information about a specific
lease, such as when it was issued and when it will expire. DHCPv6 servers
can use the host-identifier option parameter in the
host declaration, and specify any option with a fixed
value to identify hosts. This name is used
when printing debugging messages, so it should be
descriptive for the shared network. The name may have the
syntax of a valid domain name (although it will never be
used as such), or it may be any arbitrary name, enclosed in
quotes. There are three
kinds of events that can happen regarding a lease, and it is
possible to declare statements that occur when any of these
events happen.

Router Setup for Network Attached Storage (NAS)

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Starting STATIC

When the server
receives a DHCPDECLINE for a particular address, it normally
abandons that address, assuming that some unauthorized
system is using it. Unfortunately, a malicious or buggy
client can, using DHCPDECLINE messages, completely exhaust
the DHCP server’s allocation pool. The server will
eventually reclaim these leases, but not while the client is
running through the pool. This may cause serious thrashing
in the DNS, and it will also cause the DHCP server to forget
old DHCP client address allocations. If
client-specific boot parameters must change based on the
network to which the client is attached, then multiple
host declarations should be used.

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