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    For all reservations, a minimum deposit of 20% is required.

    The reservation is confirmed when the money is transferred and received in our account.
    Billing is expressed in American Dollars. The exchange rates applied will be calculated and indicated according to the local exchange rate on the day of the transaction.


    See the agency for payment terms.

    Cancellation charges: The charges concerned are the charges calculated in relation to the deposit paid at the time of confirmation of the reservation before your arrival in the country.

    – 100% refund up to 30 days before arrival.
    – Credit of the entire deposit for 1 year between the 29th day and the 7th day before your arrival
    – Credit of 50% of the deposit for 1 year between the 6th day and the day of your arrival

    A reservation is officially canceled, whatever the reason given, when the person has sent a cancellation email and received by return from the agency an email confirming receipt of this cancellation.